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Why Teach?

‘I teach to give children the positive experiences of childhood like the ones I had when I was at school. I also teach because it makes me proud seeing the positive impact that I can have on someone’s life!’

Just completed their NQT year


‘Adding value to children’s lives adds value to your own life…public service has inherent value…teaching develops your ‘self’…children’s energy and enthusiasm can be infectious and life-enhancing.’

Retired Teacher that taught for 30 years


'Every day is interesting and the feeling you’re making a positive difference.’

Teacher of 23 years


‘I love teaching as the job is so varied and knowing that you are making a difference (whether it’s just in some small way) to a young person’s life is such an amazing feeling. They give so much back and watching them develop and grow is great. Knowing we are some way involved in them growing up is such a huge honour!’

Teacher of 11 years


‘There is no other job where you can give a child a platform that will set them up for life!’

Teacher of 30 years


‘I loved it because children always have a fresh and mostly positive view of things. They make you laugh and keep you young…ish. And it gives you such a buzz when, after struggling with something, they eventually ‘get it!’’

Retired Teacher that taught for 35 years


‘Teaching is so much more than delivering a curriculum; it’s being a positive role model, a safety net and shaping a future!’

Teacher of 13 years